Emulate a realistic longitudinal patient story with Synthetic Personas

Leveraging patient data for solutions in healthcare, while staying within HIPAA compliance, can be challenging.

We can help. In addition to having clinically accurate medical histories, each of our synthetic persona has a complex and realistic personal backstory to simulate a variety of use cases including: 

  • Gaps in Care and Information
  • Patient Data Exchange
  • Risk Assessment
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Risk Adjustment
  • Patient Cost Transparency


Create new products and solutions while keeping patient data safe–innovation that can save lives and make positive impact to humanity. 

Heathcare data exchange solutions for Reference Implementations; Connectathon Track testing; End to end testing
Use for Gaps in Care Information; Patient Data Exchange Risk; Assessment/ Risk Adjustment; Social Determinants of Health; Patient Cost Transparency
Each persona is an individual with unique attitudes, conditions, and environments that affect how they interact with the healthcare system
Our personas emulate a realistic longitudinal patient story (including clinical & claims data) that humanize the synthetic medical records.

Personas are generated in JSON and can be used for testing in a R4 FHIR HAPI Server. 

Persona for Pregnancy

When Judy found out she was pregnant, she was ecstatic. Her and her husband had been trying to conceive for quite a long time and she was very eager to talk with her provider about how she could take care of her body during pregnancy. Judy’s doctor was wonderfully helpful in explaining exactly what she should do to care for herself and the baby. Judy attended every appointment, had every checkup, screening and scan, and followed every order to ensure she and her growing baby were both happy and healthy.


Persona for Pharyngitis

Gregory wasn’t surprised when his doctor diagnosed him with acute pharyngitis. He had been experiencing a sore throat for several days before he decided to call the doctor and get an appointment scheduled. His doctor prescribed him penicillin and explained to let him that he must finish all the medication, even if he started to feel better before it was gone. Gregory went to the pharmacy, picked up his new antibiotics, and made sure he took them exactly as prescribed. It didn’t take long for Gregory to start feeling better.

Persona for Sexually Transmitted Infection

Dennis had been feeling like something wasn’t quite right with his body. He scheduled an appointment with his doctor who asked all the usual questions and decided to run some tests based on the symptoms Dennis had described to him. When the test results came back, Dennis found out he has contracted Chlamydia Trachomatis and Herpes Simplex Virus. It was quite the shock to Dennis, but he listened to what the doctor had to say about treatment, and he knew he needed to follow the doctor’s orders and make some changes.


Persona for Congestive Heart Failure

Olga was diagnosed with Chronic Heart Failure when she was 63 years old. It came as a huge shock to her family, as they had always strived to be healthy individuals. In her time of need, Olga’s family supported her wholeheartedly. They ensured she never attended doctor’s appointments alone, always had healthy food on the table, and made sure she had an exercise buddy to do her doctor recommended activities with. Although her diagnosis was upsetting, Olga and her family worked extraordinarily hard to keep her as healthy as they could.

Persona for Breast Cancer

Kathryn has been doing routine breast self-exams for years. During a recent self-examination, she found a small lump on her breast. She contacted her doctor immediately and set up appointments for screening tests and scans. Kathryn was devastated when the scans confirmed that she has a malignant neoplasm on her breast, which had a risk of spreading throughout her body. She took action and followed her doctor’s orders exactly, beginning chemotherapy treatments and checking in with her oncologist and care team often. Although she has a tough road ahead of her, she is determined to fight for her health.

Persona Combo Data Pack

Contents of this data pack include:

Individual persona for Pharyngitis

Individual persona for Breast Cancer

Individual persona for Sexually Transmitted Infection

Individual persona for Pregnancy

Individual persona for Chronic Heart Failure

Clinical resources: 117 Payer Resources: 148 Total Resources: 265

These records are highly realistic and even include gaps of information like a patient record in a real-world healthcare ecosystem.

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