A Connectathon is a collaborative, hands-on event that usually includes teams of developers, vendors, and subject matter experts working together to create and test solutions in a safe environment.

Connectathons are not limited to developers. In fact, any individual who can contribute to building a solution can participate. Connectathons encourage trial and error, innovation, and enhancement of existing capabilities.

During a Connectathon, participants can:

  • Test product integration and flush out bugs and other implementation conflicts;
  • Reduce cost and time of implementation by testing interoperable solutions in a safe environment and learning what works;
  • Work with developers to design, develop and test collaboratively within environments that have simulated application programming interfaces (APIs) and API sandboxes;
  • Expand their knowledge of data standards and confirm that products and tools are aligning with standards;
  • Connect to commonly used healthcare platform API’s like Blue Button 2.0, Epic, Cerner and others to test environments;
  • Connect proprietary sandboxes and API’s to test environments, and
  • Engage in a community that supports trial and error, shared experiences, and interoperability.

We Provide the Following for Connectathons

Event Prep & Materials

We'll work with you to develop event scope and then prepare the necessary materials for the event, including the technical planning.

Event Promotion

We'll work with you to identify the target audience, define participant roles, and design activities for successful outcomes.

Test Environment

We'll provide the FHIR® Server with the test data and sample codes for testing and development of the applications.

Event Facilitation

We'll provide the necessary training and supporting demonstrations for Connectathon participants including the necessary resources for technical and business activities.


We'll conduct the post event review and feedback, collect marketing and media material, and consolidate all the materials.


The FHIR® Enabled Test Platform

A simulated healthcare network populated with highly realistic, clinically relevant, synthetic patient data where organization can learn, build and test healthcare applications and services with no risk of protected health information disclosure.

Patient Gen

FHIR-compatible “safe” test data generator that produces realistic patient histories at scale.


Realistic and complete synthetic representation of a person. Personas have unique attitudes, conditions, and environments that affect how they interact with each other and the healthcare system.


A FHIR® server populated with resources that emulate an “edge” organization like a
hospital, HIE or
health plan.

Ring of FHIR®

A network of simulated healthcare organizations and API’s interconnected using the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework.