FHIR Interopathons

FHIR-based collaborative, hands-on events including teams of developers, vendors, and subject matter experts working together to create and test solutions


Encouraging trial and error, enhancement and innovation

Interoperability Institute offers a do-it-yourself SaaS (software as a service) platform and complete turnkey events that includes planning, facilitation, marketing and event outcome summary.

Interopathan Participation Benefits:

Reduce cost and time of implementation by testing interoperable solutions in a safe environment and learning what works

Meld Sandbox populated with Synthetic Data

Expand knowledge of data standards and confirm that products and tools are aligning

Connect with healthcare APIs to implement use cases including Da Vinci, CARIN, and Gravity, using synthetic data

Collaborate within environments that have simulated application programming interfaces (APIs) and API sandboxes


Event Preparation and Materials


Event Promotion


Test Environment – Meld


Event Facilitation


Results Analysis

Let’s join forces to harness interoperability at scale!