Customized Course Packs & Learning Labs

Interoperability Institute is able to create custom educational content, live lab activities, and synthetic data to match the needs of your organization. 


At Interoperability Institute, we are passionate about empowering the  growing interoperability community.

Our subject matter experts excel in custom educational content creation, live labs activities, and utilizing synthetic data to bring your topics to life.

With our digital simulation environment, you can dive into immersive learning experiences like never before.

Discover the power of hands-on learning and explore the endless possibilities of our innovative platforms.

Work with our subject matter experts to create content on topics such as:

  • Prior Authorization Support
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Electronic Consent
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • And More!



Enable your academic curricula with our expertise to develop open educational resources


Partner with a growing consortium of universities who are developing services for data sharing, skill building, and the development of AI solutions


Engage students and faculty to explore innovative solutions using our simulation sandbox, pre-loaded with health sector use case scenarios and associated synthetic personas

Let’s join forces to harness interoperability at scale!