Workforce Development 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), medical records and health information technicians are on track to remain some of the fastest growing occupations in the United States, with an anticipated growth of 32 percent between 2020-2030.

The demand for health information professionals is growing. Interoperability Institute provides early career opportunities to address that demand and ensure that talent supply meets the current and emerging needs of the healthcare industry.

Designing student and mentor experiences to build the next generation of health IT professionals

Providing on-the-job-training and curricula
Building career awareness at critical stages along the talent pipeline
Establishing career pathways through college and university partnerships
Training individuals at any stage in their health IT career

Academic Partnerships

“As a health informatician who directs the Master of Health Informatics program at the University of Michigan, I believe it is
critical to offer our talented students real-world internships in the health IT industry. It is important that students get as much
experience as possible with platforms for handling health data, doing analytics, and integrating health IT systems. Internships
provide key preparation that helps students launch highly successful careers in health informatics while ensuring a
growing workforce of competent health IT professionals.”

Allen Flynn, PharmD, PhD, Director, Masters in Health Informatics Program, Assistant Professor, Schools of Information and Medicine, University of Michigan


Your academic curricula to be 
developped into Open Educational Resources (OPR).



An intern to research, create synthetic data,
or build business process models.


With a growing consortium of universities
who are developing people and systems for data sharing, skill building, and the development of AI solutions.



Students and faculty to explore innovative solutions using our environments, pre-loaded with health sector use case scenarios and associated synthetic personas.


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