Rick Warren


Rick Warren

Interoperability Institute Chairman

Richard D. Warren, LCHIME is a visionary health IT leader. Rick retired January 2015 and now volunteers with several nonprofit organizations.

As a member of the executive council at Allegiance Health he led the IT efforts for over 29 years achieving rankings in the top 7% of US hospitals in clinical IT & several Most Wired and Innovator awards. He is a respected leader in state and national health IT.

Rick led the effort to transform healthcare in his community by leveraging IT. At the time of his retirement in January 2015 the Jackson Community Medical Record contained the health records for over 190,000 patients for more than 400 electronically connected employed and private practice providers (over 75% of all providers in the area).  JCMR coordinated care across 65+ locations so nobody fell through the cracks. The majority of patients are seen by two or more providers, which means our shared medication interaction checking capability improves safety every day. The technology helps providers better coordinate the care of their patients throughout the community using evidence based best practices. The community was meeting the Triple Aim of improving quality outcomes and the patient experience while reducing costs.

MiHIN: Michigan Health Information Network founding board member 2010-2015.

Rick led the technology selection committee. MiHIN is a public/private collaboration created to connect the sub-state Health Information Exchanges. The goal is to provide access to secure health information for the 10 million people of Michigan.

Velatura: Original board member and chair. (2018-2019)

Velatura creatively connects and aligns people, organizations, technology, ideas, and information to improve the way things are done. Velatura helps bridge the gap between the public and private sectors to enhance health, simplify work, and reduce costs. Velatura exclusively provides solutions from the Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) to organizations needing the ability to interoperate and seamlessly share electronic information.

InterOperability Institute: Original board member and chair. (2019-)

The Interoperability Institute develops solutions and the next generation workforce required to enable organizations and communities to harness the benefits of interoperability at scale. Our vision is to serve as a focal point for creating communities and environments that accelerate the adoption of interoperability in ways that result in greater health and more impactful delivery of human services.

JCMR: board vice chair 2005-2015. Founded by Dr. Lynn VanWagnen and Rick Warren in 2005, JCMR was formed to improve the quality of patient care through I/T and to lower the cost for a community-wide Electronic Health Record solution.

Jackson Health Network (a clinically integrated network): charter board member 2011-2015.  JHN aligns health system, provider & health plan goals & incentives to support the Triple Aim. Our IT systems identify gaps in care, contact patients to address them & coordinate care with a shared community care plan to manage population health.