Interoperability Learning Labs and Course Packs

Prepare the next generation workforce for the rapidly changing fields of Health IT and Informatics with help from Interoperability Institute. 

Interactive, customizable, skill building offerings for new health informaticists,
computer programmers, and health IT leaders. 

Work with us to develop a customized lesson plan with asynchronous course pack modules designed specifically to meet the training needs of your institution or organization
Choose from our library of lesson plans to support your learning curriculum
Support is available to help seamlessly weave our offerings into your existing freestanding curriculum or learning management system

100% of students from our UT Austin Learning Lab said they could “apply what I’ve learned to my other studies, my work, my outside interests!”

Learning Labs

All lesson plans include a live, interactive “lab” where students test their knowledge with hands-on exercises that are available virtually and in-person. 


Course Packs

Course pack modules are integrated with our open-source environments, and can be supported with technical services and learning facilitation.


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