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Prepare students and adult learners to enter the rapidly changing fields of Health IT and Informatics with interactive, customizable Interoperability Learning Lab skill building offerings from the Interoperability Institute. Learn more


Enable IOI’s Workforce DevelopmentĀ Program to develop Open Education Resources (OER) for open access content that is contributed to the expanding library of ready-to-go materials.

Partner with a growing consortium of universities as well as private and public entities who are developing services to enable data sharing, workforce skill building, and advance the development of innovative solutions.

Sponsor IOI interns to research and build market information, data, or business process models. Enable your learning materials with open educational resources from global experts.

Build Your Own

Develop a personalized, customizable lesson plan with asynchronous course pack modules designed specifically to meet the training needs of your institution or organization.




Mix and Match

Choose from our library of lesson plans to support your learning curriculum. Support is available to help seamlessly weave new course packs into your existing curriculum and integration with your learning management system.

All lesson plans include a live, interactive “lab” where students test their knowledge with hands-on exercises that are available virtually and in-person. Course pack modules are seamlessly integrated with the public domain platform (Meld) or IOI’s private hosted platform (IOL). IOI offers technical services to facilitate learning events.

For further details and pricing information please email us at info@interoperabilityinstitute.org