GDHP Connectathon Recap From John D’Amore

Thank you for those who participated in the Global Digital Health Partnership (GDHP) Mini-Connectathon on October 6th (or one of the earlier connectathons this year). This post provides a brief recap of progress from the October event and information on how to stay connected to development/advancement of the International Patient Summary (IPS). Please feel free to forward this to others who may be interested!

Our October event hosted over 30 attendees with active participation from 6+ GDHP nations. Some notable IPS demonstrations included:

  • Exchange & Display: Patients First (NZ) & Patient Centric Solutions (US)
    • Retrieve data from New Zealand server
    • Displayed in personal health record
  • Import, Export, Exchange & Display: Drimpy (NL) & Patients First (NZ)
    • Demonstrate data retrieval from various data sources
    • Display information in personal health record
    • Attempt POST of bundle to New Zealand server
    • Demonstrate import of IPS bundle from sample data
  • Sample Validation: Dynamic Health IT (US), NHSx (UK), MITRE (US), Health Intersections (AU)
    • Run sample IPS bundles through multiple validators
    • Review errors. For 2 samples, majority of issues had proposed resolution during connectathon
  • Import & Display: Interoperability Institute (US)
    • Load sample IPS from previously available samples
    • Open public API endpoints for attempted interaction with others

11 IPS samples were created during the event and updated in the public, online repository for IPS samples here: While not all of these samples are fully validated yet, they represent an array of different technologies exporting FHIR data to create IPS documents. These samples can be loaded into a public viewer for IPS ( hosted for the October 6th Mini-Connectathon. If you have additional samples you would like to add to the repository, please email or make a Pull Request to the repository linked above.

During the discussion component of the connectathon, several topics were raised and actively discussed:

  • Data filtering in IPS generation
  • Optional data elements in the IPS
  • How to deal with automatic generation of IPS
  • How to incorporate patient generated data in IPS
  • How to standardize QR codes and relation of IPS to SMART Health Cards (more info:
  • Inclusion of local codes & terminology adoption in addition to SNOMED Global Patient Set (more info:
  • The issues of language and language translation with IPS documents being shared cross-border
  • Inclusion of text in addition to codable concepts (specifically whether fully specified names are recommended)
  • Inclusion of human readable narrative
  • Improvements that could be made to online and published FHIR validators

Several of the above and other IPS topics continue to be discussed online on ( In addition, the weekly calls (Wednesdays 11am ET) for International Patient Summary are on the HL7 calendar and available to anyone who would like to attend ( &

For anyone who did not receive the full slide presentations from the GDHP October Mini-Connectathon and would like a copy, please contact me. We are planning future events and will aim to keep you updated over the coming weeks and months.

Thank you again for your help in moving forward this important global standard. I hope November is off to a great start for all and look forward to staying in touch!


John D’Amore, MS
President, More Informatics, Inc.