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Interoperability Institute

is paving the way for organizations to collaborate on real-world interoperability solutions and enabling the next generation health IT workforce.

Our Mission & Vision

To enable organizations and communities to harness the benefits of interoperability at scale. This mission is achieved through next generation workforce training, interoperability testbed standardization, and solution development focused on enabling interoperability and standards.

IOI’s vision is to serve as a focal point for creating communities and environments that accelerate the adoption of interoperability in ways that result in greater health and more impactful delivery of human services.

Core Competencies

Workforce Development

Developing the next-generation health IT and informatics workforce through world-class mentored training programs that leverage academic and industry relationships.

To meet the need, IOI provides educational resources including HL7® FHIR® course packs with interactive lab exercises facilitated by subject matter experts.

Immersive Environments

As technology incubators, learning environments, or community support platforms—these environments are designed to meet both public sector and private business needs.

Synthetic Data and Personas

High-fidelity, clinically accurate, HL7 FHIR synthetic data packs and personas representing diverse patient populations that enable development and testing with zero risk of disclosing protected health information.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Interoperability Institute Founded?

IOI was founded in 2020.

What is Interoperability Institute's business status?

IOI was awarded 501c 3 non-profit status by the IRS in September 2021.

What is Interoperability Institute's connection to Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN)?

IOI is an independent 501c 3 organization that leverages shared services supplied by MiHIN. This relationship allows IOI to focus on customer service, performance management, and the continuous improvement of our solution offerings. 

What is the relationship between Interoperability Institute and InterOp.Community?

IOI is an active member of the InterOp.Community of practice,  an emerging collaboration to advance healthcare interoperability through open platforms and open-source software.

IOI provides legal, marketing, communications, and finance support to the community.

Our Executive Vice President Mary Kratz serves as Chair of the Advisory Board for the InterOp.Community.

How many employees does Interoperability Institute have?

IOI employs 30 over-achievers. 

How many interns are in the Interoperability Workforce Program?

IOI employs more than 70 interns in all areas of operation.

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