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Using a statistic population health model generator, this data set is made up of highly realistic, but synthetic patient data that can be used for testing purposes. At no time was this data real patient protected health information.

Reference the One Pager to learn more.

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An Admission, Discharge, Transfer message is used for trigger events such as hospital admissions, discharges and transfers and is used to exchange the patient’s status within a facility. These messages are HL7 V2.6 and contain 249,500+ total ADT messages made up of:

  • 24,500+ A01 messages
  • 450+ A02 messages
  • 24,500+ A03 messages
  • 200,000 A04 messages

A Discharge Summary message is a clinical synopsis of an inpatient encounter, series of treatments or other clinical care that includes patient, provider and organization demographics. These messages are HL7 V2 (XML) and this pack contains 24,500+ messages.

A Continuity of Care Document (CCD) is a patient’s clinical summary for electronic document exchange between providers, systems and/or facilities. Contained within a CCD is the most relevant demographic and clinical information about a patient in HL7 FHIR V3 (XML). This includes: Patient demographics, Patient history, Medications, Allergies, Procedures, Encounters, Problem lists, Immunizations, Lab results. This data set contains 50,000 synthetic CCDs.

Simulated Healthcare Ecosystem